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Arludo Science Week: Marine Science

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Our oceans play a vital role in our everyday lives. They provide us with countless benefits, from regulating our climate to providing us with food and recreation. In fact, the ocean economy contributes $1.5 trillion annually and is set to double by 2030, highlighting just how valuable and important our oceans truly are.

But it’s important to remember that with our increasing demands, we need to take action to protect our oceans. In National Science Week join marine scientist Vinuri Silva who works first hand with marine plastic pollution to understand it’s impact on our ocean and learn about the actions that individuals can take to reduce plastic pollution and ensure a healthy ocean ecosystem for generations to come.

By joining this session, you’ll learn more about the modern reality of our oceans and gain a deeper appreciation for how important they are to our wellbeing. Let’s work together to protect and preserve our amazing oceans for the benefit of all.