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Aquarium of WA Full Day Excursion - Different by Design

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  • AQWA - The Aquarium of Western Australia
    91 Southside Drive, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia

Celebrate National Science Week with a day of discovery and investigation at the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Full Day Excursion Packages for 70-240 students run from 9.30am - 2pm and include themed activities and presentations.

Students embark on a quest to discover the link between a sea creatures unique features and its food. In this celebration of ocean extremes’ students will learn about animals that are different by design plus what and how they eat.

Form and function, observable features, a living animal’s basic needs and the way objects move through water are the focus of enquiry with concepts of floating, friction and magnetic force also incorporated.

A strong emphasis can also be placed on caring for the environment, through the option for schools to collect and bring in their recyclables for deposit at AQWA. Sharks teeth are used to link both topics as tooth shape relates directly to diet. Sharks teeth are also considered ‘nature’s waste’ as they are regularly shed.

Themed activities

  • PP - Year 2 - Size, shape and movement! This fun filled activity is all about speed, swimming styles, catching food and not ending up as dinner.
  • Year 3-4 - Shark Designer. Students become masters of form and function as we explore the extreme world of sharks. After investigating body design, teeth and senses, students apply their knowledge to design their ultimate shark.
  • Year 5-6 - Built to survive. What does it take to survive in the oceans most extreme habitats? Students gain an insight into a range of structural features - from oily livers to suctions cups, inside out stomachs and aeroplane wings - then take part in AQWA’s Flying Fish Challenge.