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AI Academy

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AI Academy celebrates the National Science Week school theme Innovation: Powering Future Industries.

Your live host will present comedic science sketches filmed with our professional Actor/Educators that explore AI Innovation in industry and science. Students will interact, laugh and learn about advances in technology, and the ways in which STEM is leading our future study and career pathways. 

Join the AI Academy where students will learn that:

  • Coding is useful and powerful (an intern lands at his dream tech start up)
  • Innovation drives technology (two students at the school science fair)
  • Technology advances our lives (tech is more than a game)
  • How AI impacts our future (from medicine to mining to manufacturing)

Livestream Program

The livestream performance is hosted by your personal Actor/Educator interacting and discussing live-in-real-time with your students and classrooms, as they introduce the filmed educational theatre episodes of the exciting Science Week in Schools presentation. The livestream lesson includes interactive segments for students to answer quizzes connected to the learning points, have guided discussions on the educational themes and ask questions in real time.

The educational episodes are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition, meaning everyone will be watching from the best seat in the house.

Digital Resources

With your secure school link, the livestream performance will be available for your whole school to watch, in class or at home, on the date/time of your scheduled incursion.