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Aboriginal Rangers STEM & Cultural Restoration

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Indigenous Rangers in Esperance, WA will present their scientific, research, and culturally sensitive conservation activities.

The Rangers will present a mix of authentic video, live talking, and opportunities for students to ask questions for 20-30 mins.

Rangers will discuss the ‘How, What, Why’ of scientific inquiry and demonstrate:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Conservation strategies,
  • What can we do?

Participating schools have access to an online workbook, for teachers to automatically collect students’ learning and art into printable digital books. Watch the 3 minute video instructions to access the free online Workbook.

Opportunities to showcase books and be in the running for ‘Best Book’ monthly competition with technology and cash prizes, eg; November winner.

We collaborate with over 150 Aboriginal Ranger groups throughout Australia to present unique STEM content and conservation activities in their community as monthly virtual excursions.

We showcase different Aboriginal Ranger groups, regions, and topics. Suggestions welcome.