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A Play Written By ChatGPT

  • From
  • Impro Melbourne Theatre
    21/23 Stanley Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

Maybe you've heard of ChatGPT...maybe you've used it...but how does it actually work?

In this show, ChatGPT will generate a three-act play with creative contributions from you, the audience. These words will then be performed by actors as they attempt to humanise the machine-generated scripts of plays that have never been seen before (and possibly never seen again…)

The results could possibly be funny. Maybe even dramatic? Almost certainly unintentionally hilarious!

Along the way, we will venture into how AI actually works, the Turing Test, and the role of AI in our future lives and artistic endeavours. Join us for an evening that's part theatrical extravaganza, part intellectual exploration, and ask the question: What do we want from the era of high technology?


A Play Written By ChatGPT is a National Science Week event, presented by Pint of Science Australia in collaboration with Impro Melbourne, with the support of the Inspiring Victoria program.