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A Journey Through Space: a SkyWatch Astronomy inflatable mirrordome experience

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  • Victor Harbor Library
    1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor SA 5211, Australia

The Victor Harbor Library are hosting SkyWatch and their educational planetarium program, to the regional community of Victor Harbor for National Science Week.

SkyWatch Astronomy Education is a South Australian business that encourages people to learn about the night sky. The facilitator will present a 360° movie inside an inflatable planetarium ‘mirror dome’ related to the age group in attendance.

  • Session 1: 10-10.45am – Ages 3-10 years with Caregiver for Earth's Wild Ride.
  • Session 2: 11-11.45am – Ages 8-14 years for Earth's Wild Ride.
  • Session 3: 12-12.45pm – Ages 15 years - adult for Oasis in Space.

While experiencing the 360° movie Earth’s Wild Ride, participants in session 1 and 2 travel to the moon in the year 2081. They view the shadow of the Moon crossing Europe - they are then transported back in time to an ice age, flying up the slopes of an active volcano, visiting with dinosaurs and more.

Participants in session 3 will experience the movie Oasis in Space which will take them on a ride through the solar system learning about discoveries made over the last few decades.

As well as showing an exciting 20-minute movie, the planetarium showcases the night sky: and looks at the constellations, galaxies, nebulae, planets, Sun and Moon: and their movement across the sky from any time and place. A great experience for all ages from preschoolers to adults, harnessing their curiosity and broadening their knowledge of space, astronomy, geography and prehistoric history in an interactive and exciting format.

Location Information

The Victor Harbor Library is located in the City of Victor Harbor Civic Centre. The Mirrordome sessions will be held in the Council Chambers of this facility.