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A Day @ DNA Zoo

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Our planet is experiencing biodiversity loss at a rate never seen before. Human-caused climate change has brought us to the brink of catastrophic environmental damage. CONSERVATION GENOMICS is an innovative and emerging area that can play a powerful role in saving our species.

Bioinformatics + BIG DATA + Biodiversity = Conservation Genomics

This one-day online event will showcase the exciting work of a unique global collaborative project by DNA Zoo. Since 2018 DNA Zoo have mapped over 100 endangered species genomes using innovative, open access software encouraging a global effort to save our species.

PLUS… you will get a sneak peak at a new social enterprise, BioBarcode Australia. You will get to see their cool new way of bringing DNA technologies to schools and the community. Jump online to watch a live DNA lab investigation in action.

 Suitable for Years 10, 11 and 12 STEM focused students.