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5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off!

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  • Parkdale Preschool
    14 Alameda Place, Parkdale VIC 3195, Australia

Parkdale Preschool will be transformed into a space station where children will learn all about outer space through dramatic play. The space station will feature a pretend space shuttle in which children will dress up as astronauts, complete flight plans and pre-launch checklists before operating the control panel and flying to the Moon.

At the Moon, children will collect and weigh Moon rock samples and complete other space related research. Children will also have the opportunity to complete art activities including making jet packs out of recycled plastic bottles and telescopes to support their engagement in this topic.

The space theme will run all week at our kindergarten allowing children across our three and four-year-old programs to immerse themselves in the various space-related activities.