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Celebrate National Science Week with Curtin

National Office

Curtin University is proud to again be a sponsor of WA’s National Science Week and an active member of the Coordinating Committee. Curtin University is celebrating National Science Week with a number of activities and lectures taking place. Here is a taste of what we have on offer…

Curtin University will be running several art-science crossover activities at Moonboorli (Beyond), WA’s premier event for 2019, including Spherobot Painting, the Plan(et) B Data Visualisation Workshop, Virtual Minesite and a Science Fiction Writing Workshop. This youth event is free to attend and drop-ins are welcome.

Celebrate WA’s women in space at Cosmos Calling – Space The Next Frontier on August 15 at the Scitech’s Planetarium. This event will include the planetarium show Capturing the Cosmos, followed by presentations and a panel discussion, chaired by Professor Lyn Beazley, about the inspiring work and lives of Curtin University researchers Dr Natasha-Hurley Walker, Dr Katarina Miljkovic and Dr Ellie Sansom. Dr Hurley-Walker will discuss how she used radio telescopes to create multi-coloured maps of the universe, Dr Miljkovic will talk about her involvement in NASA’s Mars Mission and Dr Sansom about her work leading the Desert Fireball Network.

Experience Virtual Reality at Curtin University on 16 August at The HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) at Curtin’s Bentley campus. Virtual reality (VR) is predicted to transform our daily lives in the near future and attendees at this event will experience leading edge virtual reality technology, including

Mars in VR: Topographic data from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) Mars satellite has been used to create a realistic depiction of the Martian environment. Use VR head-set technology to explore the landscape in full stereoscopic 3D, and feel what it would be like to walk or fly on Mars..

HMAS AE1 Reconstruction: Visitors can view a detailed and photo-realistic 3D model of the wreck as it lies on the sea floor today, in large-screen virtual reality.

Scientific Visualisation of Asteroid Strikes and Cratered Worlds: Numerical impact simulations using accurate shock physics hydrodynamics are coupled with the game engine UNITY to enable a fascinating 3-D tour of a cratered world.

Gone in 360 Seconds: A 3D VR short film which places viewers amidst the action of a dramatic car heist from two different narrative viewpoints.

Using Machine Learning to Identify Planetary Craters: Combining remote sensing and computer learning, researchers at Curtin’s Space Science and Technology Centre and Innovation Central Perth are determining the ages of the surface of Mars at ultimate resolution.

For more info on the above events, please email or find the events on the National Science Week website. At Curtin we like to celebrate science every week of the year. Visit to find out about the events Curtin STEM Outreach run all year.