Run your own Science Week event

On this page you’ll find ideas for events and advice on running a public Science Week event.

We encourage creativity and innovation when planning an event. There are no restrictions in terms of topics, audience, venue or format; we only ask that your event seeks to fulfill the National Science Week objectives to:

  1. Promote and encourage interest in the areas of science, engineering, technology and/or innovation; and
  2. Communicate the relevance of this area in everyday life.

Event Ideas and Tips

This booklet is to help local libraries host a Science Week event (6 MB, PDF).

These colouring sheets (546 kB, PDF) feature our Science Week characters and are able to used for a colouring station for young children at events.

Brain Break is a free quiz and activity kit that you can register for in the lead up to Science Week. It’s designed to be used in work places and schools by people who haven’t run a science event before.

There is also an Event Holders Guide (264 kB, pdf) setting out all of the steps in staging a public event for Science Week.

Event Evaluation

The only way to really know what your audience thought of your event is to ask them. Evaluation can help you to refine your event for next time, better target audience promotion and help to secure funding support. Our evaluation kit has draft paper-based surveys for a variety of events and audiences, as well as suggestions for online surveys, observations and audience bean polls.


Need more help? Consider contacting your state Science Week Committee.

Event Diary

Once you’ve organised your event you can add it to our event diary.