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Dance artist, Alison Plevey, explores the interaction between anatomy, creativity, environment/place, science and technology in her short film DataDance. The film traces Alison’s site dance responses over a 24hr period, overlayed with quantitative recorded data of the physiological experience.

When: Saturday, August 15 2015. 8:00 PM
Topic: Human body and movement, Environment and nature, Health and medical, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free to view online here: See it at DANscienCE Festival, Solo Science, $20 tickets

The short film aligns scientific processes of experimentation with that of creative or artistic process. It draws our attention to the diverse anatomical experience of our bodies hour-to-hour, changeable to environmental, psychological and physical conditions.

DataDance juxtaposes the presentation of the experiment through two lenses:

  • science and technology, through recorded data (digits, numbers, letters, symbols, graphs); and
  • the physical human experience, through dance (the creative, personal, expressive).

The film will be available to view online during National Science Week and will also feature at ‘Solo Science’ performance on Friday evening at QUT on 21 August as part of DANscienCE Festival.

Contact details:

Alison Plevey
Alison Plevey Dance Projects
Phone: 0400 387 643
  • Cosmos
  • New Scientist
  • Popular Science