• Make science a priority this National Science Week

    National Office, August 07 2017
    Science leaders in Queensland have issued a call to action ahead of National Science Week – make science a priority and prepare for jobs of the future.... more QLD
  • FLOW on the Go

    National Office, July 03 2017
    FLOW are proud to be taking our environmental education program on the road to towns around Central Queensland, providing even more opportunities for students... more QLD
  • Street Science Shows

    National Office, June 02 2017
    QUT Extreme Science are providing select primary schools in the Caboolture/ Brisbane North area with explosive science shows from the team at Street Science... more QLD
  • Catch a Rising Star: women in Queensland science

    National Office, June 02 2017
    During last year’s National Science Week (13–21 August 2016), more than 30 women researchers based in Queensland visited regional Queensland communities... more QLD
  • Queensland Grants Announced

    National Office, June 01 2017
    The Queensland National Science Week committee is pleased to announce these successful projects for this years’ event. The launch event is being... more QLD
  • Grants available in Queensland

    National Office, March 06 2017
    The Queensland National Science Week Coordinating Committee have grants of up to $2000 for Science Week events, as well as a grant of up to $10 000 for... more QLD
  • Tiny fossil treasures of Queensland

    National Office, August 08 2016
    When I first started volunteering at the Queensland Museum I was given a box full with hundreds of thousands of very tiny fossilised bones known as ‘microfossils’.... more QLD
  • PlatypusWatch on the Gold Coast

    National Office, July 28 2016
    It’s time to register for the next PlatypusWatch. This is a super special watch because the survey results will be used in the Queensland Platycount... more QLD
  • Fossilised records

    National Office, May 23 2016
    Sometimes it’s not only the fossils that tell the story, but the records of their collectors as well! Many collections housed at the Queensland Museum... more QLD . dinosaurs . fossils
  • ‘U’ is for Unknown

    National Office, May 13 2016
    We humans think we know Lots! And this is where the museums and herbaria come in, where it is our job to discover, collect and preserve, and make the ‘unknown’... more QLD
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